My pinto page includes Pinto colored horses that are not or Quarter Horse of Thoroughbred lineage.  Includes Arabs and sport horses.
This is Colors of a Rainbow.  I bought him from Jennifer Barnas in 1997.  He's an Origional Finish Northlight Hunter.  She showed him as Color My Love but I have changed his name to Colors of a Rainbow after one of my favorite pinto warmblood stallions.  Photo is by Jennifer and was for sale purposes only, not showing.
 This is Frontline Advocate.  He was sold as a Special Run Show Special Model named Kaliedescope
 .  Misty's Twilight is a regular run from Breyer.  I show her as Deck the Halls, a Warmblood cross mare.  She is being shown in hand by Brenda Breyer for Showmanship and Halter. 
 Ted's Folly is the CIPS, Champion PasoFino.  I love his coloring and he does well for me at shows.  If anyone has Desparado, a black and white paint in the same mold for sale, please let me know!
 This is Christe Eleison.  He was a JCPenny SR in 1997 and came with a bay Secretariat and a grey Touch of Class.  He is shown as a 3/4 Arab. His name means "Christ have Mercy" either in Latin or Greek, I'm not sure which. Thanks to Jeni Hoppenrath for giving me that info.
 This is Kyrie Eleison.  She is an OF Karma Gypsy and Christe's dam.  She is 1/2 Arab.  Her name means "Lord or God have Mercy" and comes from Handel's Messiah as does Christe's. 
 This little guy one of the new SM's from the JAH set in 1998.  He's a Warmblood and shows under the name Gonzo's Painted Refelction.
 This is the High Flyer model.  I really like her and I hope to get a saddle seat tack set made soon so that she can show in performance classes.  

 That's all for now.  More will come as soon as I get a chance to scan them.